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Village Board Committees

Administration and Finance

Finance, Bonds, Budget, Property Management......  Sadiq, Chair
Insurance, Library Administration...... Shovan
Ordinances, Employee Policy, Court...... Rudnick

Public Works

Streets, Sidewalks, Drainage- Storm Sewer...... Wolf, Chair
Vehicles & Equipment, Parks, Weeds...... Schott
Water, Sewer...... Sadiq

Protection of Person and Property

Police, Fire...... Kapellen, Chair
First Responders, House to House Sanctions...... Rudnick
Emergency Response Teams, Animal Control, Building Inspection...... Shovan

Public Health and Welfare

Refuse Collection, Recycling...... Shovan, Chair
Nuisances...... Schott
Pollution, Insect Control...... Baumann

Municipal Planning and Development

Village Planning, Zoning...... Wolf, Chair
New Construction, Recreational Development...... Kapellen
Shoreland...... Rudnick

Economic Development

Tourism, Rep. on County Chamber Group...... Sadiq, Chair
Land Acquisition...... Schott
New Industry...... Wolf

Joint EL/TR Emergency Response

Fire Station Operation...... Kapellen, Chair
Fire Department...... Rudnick

Education Liaison

School Board...... Baumann, Chair
School ...... Rudnick

Other Commissions and Committees

The Village of Elkhart Lake then has a variety of other Commissions and Committees that are comprised of Village Board Members and citizens. Some of these Commissions meet monthly and some only annually. The Village Presidents makes appointments to these Commissions. Below you will find a listing of the committees and their membership. If you would like to be placed on a commission or committee agenda you need to contact the Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer’s Office a week before the meeting. If you are interested in serving on a Commission or Committee please contact the Village President or the Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer’s Office at (920) 876-2122.

Elkhart Lake Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is made up of two Village Board members and five citizens. This Commission handles issues related to zoning, conditional uses, subdivisions, and land divisions. This Commission usually meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

Alan Rudnick (President) - Chairman
Mike Wolf - Board Representative
Daniel Wilk - Three Year Term
Peter Hatas - Three Year Term
Matt Flora - Two Year Term
Peter Wagner - One Year Term
 Robert Johnson- One Year Term

Elkhart Lake Community Development Authority

The CDA is made up of two Village Board members and five citizens. This CDA helps with business development in the Village, including but not limited to start-up business loans and sign grants. The CDA usually meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Alan Rudnick - Chairman
Mike Wolf - Board Representative
Daniel Sadiq - Four Year Term
Lola Roeh - Three Year Term
James Hanlon - Three Year Term
Jeff Krueger - Two Year Term
Terri Knowles - One Year Term

Elkhart Lake Tourism Commission - All One Year Terms

The Tourism Commission is charged with ensuring that all room tax dollars are spent on activities that lead to overnight hotel/motel stays. The Tourism Commission is made up of one Village Board member and others in the tourism industry. This Commission usually meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

Richard Baumann - Board Representative
Laurie Stecker
Judy Salzwedel
Lola Roeh
Lynn Shovan
Mary Lou Haen
Todd Montaba
Kelley Sadiq
Jaclyn Stuart

Elkhart Lake Zoning Board of Appeals

The Board of Appeals handles all the variance requests. This Board is made up of five members and two alternates. This Board needs to ensure that all three “tests” dictated by the State are met before a variance can be granted. The Board meets on an as needed basis.

Jeff Krueger, Chairman - One Year Term
Terri Knowles - Three Year Term
 Martha Schott- Two Year Term
Geoffrey Bray - Two Year Term
Ron Nielson - One Year Term
Peter Menne - Alternate One Year Term
Albert Schafer - Alternate One Year Term

Elkhart Lake Board of Review

Once a year the Board of Review hears all cases dealing with challenges to the property assessments.

Alan Rudnick, President
Steven Kapellen
Richard Sadiq
Alternates: Shovan, Schott, Baumann

Parks Commission

The Parks Commission meets 2-5 times a year to discuss issues related to the parks in the Village. The Commission is made up of 3 citizen members and 3 members of ELGAA.

Alan Rudnick  - Three Year Term
Matt Flora  - Three Year Term
Rachel Risse  Two Year Term
Josh Tegen- Two Year Term
Jason Kossman- One Year Term
Frank Thielmann - One Year Term

Tree Commission

The Tree Commission is made up of one Board member and four citizen members. This Commission deals with all the trees in the Village. The Commission organizes the Arbor Day program and plants tress in Village-owned areas. This Commission meets 8-10 times per year.

Steve Kapellen - Board Representative
Pat Robison  - Three Year Term
Tom Nelson- Two Year Term
Anne Hatas- Two Year Term
Frank Thielmann - One Year Term

Library Board

The Library Board is made up of one Village Board member, six village appointed members, and one County appointed member. This Board is in charge of the running of the library. The Board usually meets on the 2nd Monday of the month.

Richard Baumann - Board Representative
Patti Zuelke-Three Year Term
Fred Kraemer - Three Year Term
Kathleen Baldikoski - Two Year Term
Michael Popelka- Two Year Term
Nan Siebert- One Year Term
Ann Buechel-Haack- One Year Term
Marjean Pountain - Sheboygan County Appointee

Beautification Committee

The Beautification Committee enhances the look of the Village by taking care of all the Village flower beds and pots, as well as reviewing all banners and Christmas decorations. One member of the Village Board helps to organize all citizens who volunteer for this committee.


Amy Andrews
Barbara Barrows
Peggy Ryan
Melinda Clemens
Beth Horsfall
Karen Johnson
Jan Wall
Nancy Hoitomt
Nancy Moulton
Melissa Koehler
Gina Kauer
Pam Rudnick
Mary Jo Vollrath
Susan White-Stand-By

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