Let’s Talk Trees!

Did you know that the Village of Elkhart Lake has a Tree Commission? The Commission is made up of one Village Board member and four citizen members. Current members are Pat Robison, Frank Thielmann, Anne Hatas, Steve Kapellen, and John Schott, Board Representative. Tree Commissioners work in conjunction with the DPW to maintain the health of the Village’s trees. Dangerous, dead, or dying trees are removed and the Commissioners decide where replacement trees will be planted. DPW also works to trim trees to ensure that there are no sight -line hazards along our streets and intersections. The Tree Commission also organizes the Arbor Day Celebration each year. This celebration includes a short program led by the Tree Commission Chairperson, a tree-planting, and a poster contest for the 5th grade students at the school. One of the Commission’s goals is to teach our residents how to care for the trees in our community, especially the dozens of new trees that have been and will be planted in the upcoming years.
If you would like more information on the activities of the Tree Commission, you can contact any one of the Commissioners or the Village Clerk’s Office. You may also attend any of the Commission’s meetings. The meetings are usually posted on the Village’s website one week ahead of time.