WILEAG Accrediation

On January 25, 2016 the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Accreditation Group board of directors voted to accredit the Elkhart Lake Police Department after a rigorous assessment process. The accreditation process is designed to verify that the Elkhart Lake Police Department meets the Board’s state-of-the-art standards and is a voluntary process which is a highly prized recognition of law enforcement professional excellence. This accreditation demonstrates our voluntary commitment to law enforcement excellence by its compliance to a body of standards deemed essential to the protection of life, health, safety and rights of the citizens we serve. The Elkhart Lake Police Department is proud to be among very few accredited departments in Wisconsin and the only agency in Sheboygan County with this respected status. Accreditation status is granted for three years, during which time the agency must submit annual reports attesting continued compliance with those standards under which it was initially accredited. For those wishing more information please contact Chief Meeusen at mmeeusen@elkhartlakewi.gov or (920) 876-2244.   For more information regarding the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Accreditation Group, please write to WILEAG at P.O. Box 270693, Milwaukee, WI 53227 or wileag@sbcglobal.net