VILLAGE ORDINANCE 8.27: It shall be unlawful for any person who owns, harbors, or keeps a dog to permit such dogs to run at large any time of year within the Village limits.  Any dog which is off the premises of its owner or keeper must be under the control of an attendant holding a leash, maximum of 8 feet.  Any dog on owner’s premise which is not leashed (15 feet maximum), fenced in, or under control of an attendant would be considered running at large.

VILLAGE ORDINANCE 8.29: Any person owning or having control of any animal shall clean up the feces of such animal immediately and dispose of it in a sanitary manner when the animal has defecated on the property of another or on public property. The Village has installed Dog Refuse Stations throughout the Village to help in the cleanup effort. The stations are located at the North and South ends of the Lake Street Walkway, near Village Square Park, on South Lake Street near Elm Street, on Osthoff Avenue, at Lions Park, on East Rhine Street near Charlene’s, and on East Rhine Street near Cal & Gus.