Village-wide Revaluation Update

A revaluation is a village-wide review of all property assessments. Adjustments are made where necessary to guarantee that all property is assessed at market value. This ensures that taxes are distributed equitably. The State of Wisconsin sets standards that all communities in the State must be valued at 100% of market value or be kept within 10% of that value. As the Village had fallen below these standards, we were out of compliance with State Statutes and were required to complete a revaluation.

Property values are increasing an average of 42%, but lake properties are seeing larger increases. Even though your property value may increase that does not automatically mean taxes will increase. The levy limit for the Village still remains the same.

If you have questions on the value of your property, we request that you call Grota Appraisals at 262-253-1142.

Open book was held on June 13th at the Village Hall.  The Board of Review will be held on July 19th from 5 – 7 pm. To appear before the Board of Review you need to contact the Village Clerk to schedule a hearing time, and an objection form needs to be filed with the Village Clerk at least 48 hours in advance. To receive a copy of the objection form contact the Clerk’s Office at 920-876-2122 or email