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Buildings Permits and Inspections


Building-Permit-PictureThe Village of Elkhart Lake requires building permits and shoreland permits for most of the work that is done to a property in the Village. The Village’s residential building inspector is Paul Birschbach of Birschbach Inspections, LLC,. For commercial or manufacturing projects, the Village uses the State of Wisconsin Building Inspector which is currently Brian Noe. If you have a question about whether the work being completed requires a permit, contact the Village Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer’s Office at 920-876-2122.

Obtaining a Building Permit

Applications for any type of residential remodeling, roofing, decks, patios, windows, siding, additions, accessory buildings, fences, driveways, demolition, electrical or plumbing requires a building permit. Depending on the type of project, many permits can be issued when you bring your application to the Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer’s Office. If you would like to fill out the building permit application ahead of time please complete the Building Permit Application and bring it to the Village Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer’s Office.

pdf Building Permit Application (Download Adobe Acrobat)

Applications for new 1 or 2 family homes require the completion of the Wisconsin Uniform Building Permit Application. Along with the application, you need to bring along three sets of building plans, two copies of a certified survey that shows the house location and setbacks, two copies of the energy worksheet, and two copies of the state erosion control form. The Building Inspector will then review the application and issue a permit if everything is in order. Please allow a week for this review to take place. You will be notified when your permit is ready to be picked up. Please note that you may not begin construction until the plans have been approved by the Zoning Administrator and Building Inspector and you have picked up your permit at the Village Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer’s Office.

pdfWisconsin Uniform Building Permit Application (Download Adobe Acrobat)

Obtaining a Shoreland/Wetland or Pier Permit

Applications for shoreland/wetland and pier permits need to be made when any change is being requested to a shoreland property or pier. Some examples of projects that require permits are tree removal/pruning, vegetation removal or pruning, land disturbance, boat houses, boat racks, fences, retaining walls, impervious surface changes, walkways, etc. Please complete the Shoreland/Wetland Permit and bring it to the Village Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer’s Office.

pdfShoreland/Wetland Permit (Download Adobe Acrobat)

Scheduling an Inspection

If you have a residential project that needs a building inspection, you need to call Paul Birschbach at 920-378-2857.  If you have a commercial or industrial project, you need to call the State Building Inspector, Brian Noe at 920-420-4796. The Village Administrator’s Office, Department of Public Works, or Police Department will review and inspect any shoreland or pier permit applications.

Permit Fees

Building permit fees are set periodically by the Village Board by resolution. Click below for the Permit Fee Schedule:

pdfPermit Fee Schedule (Download Adobe Acrobat)

If you have any questions about building or shoreland permits, please contact the Village Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer’s Office at 920-876-2122.

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